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Nailwood Island

Started by ZakKrack, October 19, 2002, 03:00:00 PM

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Well, driven with the indy, auto or manual transmission, you can easily achieve 6th gear with some jumps, and then immediately slow down, because of a corner or as stunts-part. This is good, but not thtough a whole track. A bit irritating. The whole track is about speed up - brake down, and not enough other type challenge.

Indy Feeling Auto trm.: 2

Indy Feeling Manual trm.: 2

The island looks quite nice I like the small village too, but I don't like that the whole island is a hill, and when driving you can almost only see the water

Scenery: 3

Shotrcut problem is well-solved with the big water, altough it's a bit repetitive (4), and the length of the track is ok (4), but the average speed is too slow. (2)

Competition: 3

Alltogether 14, so my overall rating for Nailwood Island is: Bad. 2



I raced this track with Jaguar and Lancia. Could be good (after editing it a little) for average speed cars. There's my oppinion after racing few times:

Advantages: shortcuts?;

Disadvantages: impossible to finish track without RH first time, some slow corners and useless elements.

Not needed or what to change:

- 1st cork and slalom in the beginning;

- sharp corner after 2nd tunnel;

- sharp corner near finish line.

There's my vote:

Fun and interest - 1.5 from 3

Length and Layout - 2 from 3

Terrain and Scenery - 2 from 3

So, my overal vote for Nailwood is 3  

al il professore

hard. I dont like when its hard and i cant feel that I can do well on some track. This one reminds me ISA too much. 1 for the work it demanded. But I should have given no note... sorry.
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Is it possible to recover the trk or a rpl from this track? I lost it :(


Quote from: alanrotoi on February 08, 2021, 06:16:26 PM
Is it possible to recover the trk or a rpl from this track? I lost it :(

You can find it in the ZakStunts archives :)


I love you, do you know?  ;D ;D


Quote from: alanrotoi on February 08, 2021, 10:44:20 PM
I love you, do you know?  ;D ;D

I feel very loved! ;D

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