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Unstable replays at ZakStunts

Started by Duplode, April 10, 2023, 02:48:47 AM

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Quote from: dreadnaut on May 30, 2023, 12:02:21 PMI have one question remaining: when should the updated rule come into play?

Just a quick reminder before the ZCT264 update  :)


Quote from: Duplode on July 01, 2023, 09:01:51 PMJust a quick reminder before the ZCT264 update  :)

Very good idea! Rules updated :)

QuoteThe System
  • ...
  • Rule change, applies from 2023-07-02
    • A replay must be a complete lap of the circuit, and should play correctly when loaded in Stunts, from "Options → Load replay". Please verify your replay before uploading it, as unplayable replays will be disqualified.
    • A replay must be a complete lap of the circuit. Please validate your replay before uploading it, starting from "Options → Load replay". A replay is valid if it shows a non-crash frame when loaded, or if it plays from start to finish at normal speed. Invalid replays will be disqualified.

  • ...


And so the story arc of one of the wildest threads in recent memory is wrapped up. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and to @dreadnaut for bearing with us! Special shout-out to @Friker and @Frieshansen , who brought the decisive experiments to the table. I'm well behind schedule when it comes to planned Wiki article updates, but I'll get around to reporting the results over there!


No worries, thank you all for the thorough investigation of replaying, and for all the feedback and suggestions :D