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Three Islands

Started by zaqrack, November 23, 2002, 11:05:20 PM

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awaiting your comments...



Wow, I like it very much! Not so enjoyable but the scenery is wonderful. Mark: 4 points


I've praised the icy corners of this track in another forum.  :) They're excellent, and it's true for the whole track.

My vote is 5.
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I guess it's another 4. Very good track, but I hate the long streak of icy corners in water, and it's too long. 4
But we can't be quite sure.


Well, almost 4, but I try to explain why just 3.

Design kicks ass. That's no question
Dual-way is professionally made too.
But altough I like sharp corners there are just too much from them. With the Indy they break the tracks dynamical feeling, and for the IMSA cars it slows down the little bit long track even more.
OK, what I written here comes out as a perfect 4.
but somehow, there's what I can't explain well, that racing on this tracks was not easy, not hard, not boring, but really annoying.


No, I didn't like this track at all :x

Advantages: shortcuts, dual way;
Disadvantages: a lot of sharp corners, very hard to race, some needless elements, long for non-Indy cars, small view range.

There's my vote:
Fun and Interest - 1 from 3
Length and Layout - 1.5 from 3
Terrain and Scenery - 2 from 3

So, my overal vote for Three Islands is 2


I think the design is good and i like divided roads as i told already about other tracks.
1/ i hate those icy corners surrounded by water,
2/ Usrin or Ben should like it because they like ice and sharp corners too but i don't,
3/ too long, especially with any car but indy,
4/ i REALLY hate those icy corners surrounded by water... :!: (i say it twice because there are 2 parts like that on the track)

So my overall note is only 3. Sorry, this track could have earned a 4, or even a 5, if some parts of it were different and if it has been a little bit shorter.

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Somewhere it's fast, somewhere it's incredibly slow - a good contesttrack. A little bit too long maybe and too slow for me, but it's challenging. Good design. 4
Chürműű! :-)

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Ok.... this track would be a contest track. I guess a contest track must have all types of terrain and roads. BUT: it's too long, maybe because I didn't find any shortcut.
Ice over water, great idea! BUT ulgy to drive, I don't like icy roads.. they are dangerous!  :shock: and I don't swim...
Vote: 3...

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hey i like it, but average so 3
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The terrain is really nice : terrain rating 4 out of 4

track: OK the track is ok and I like sharp corners but:
1)It is not hard enough! Actually it looks like a compromise between the map makers liking and what he thinks others might like and that won't ever work!
It's to fluent and I would like to see more stunt parts......

track rating: 4 out of 6

final rating: 5

ahah my math is bad today =P