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Started by zaqrack, October 19, 2002, 11:45:38 PM

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Here you can write your comments and votes on Beijing

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(10/19/02 4:50:41 pm)
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Beijing for slow cars only?

I raced with Indy and Lancia on it. Is written that track designed for indy but I have more fun with driving slow car. It's noncense to race with indy. So my oppinion after racing few times with Lancia:

Advantages: large view range, nice scenery;
Disadvantages: a little long, must use brakes a lot because of corners.

Not needed or what to change:
- 2nd cork in the beginning and sharp corner after it;
- sharp corners in the middle of the track;
- curvy road in the end of track (better straight road after last jump).

There's my vote:
Fun - 1 from 3
Length and Layout - 2 from 3
Terrain and Scenery - 3 from 3

So, my overal vote for Beijing is 3

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(10/19/02 5:44:51 pm)
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Re: Beijing

It's not such a power-gear track, altough you can achieve it at oe point with both transmissions. There are lots of sharp corners, which need intensive braking of course, but you have enough time to brake down, it's not annoying, but challenging. Really liked the double corkscrew, and the jump - sharp hill combo, but somehow, something is missing from this track, it's just not complete. No difference between the transmission types, so:
Indy feeling auto trm.: 4
Indy feeling, manual trm.: 4

Simply beautiful. The track in the woods, between the hills, and the river far away, with some natural looking square-ponds in the overview. While driving is nice to see these small ponds, and somehow the strange mix of the different trees is not annoying, but relaxing.
Scenery: 5

It's a tricky part, so there'd be big differences between amateur and pro pipsqueaks. (4). Shortcuts are almost well solved, the double sharp corner at the end is easy to cheat, maybe it's not a mistake (4). Also there is another shortcutty-looking part, but I won't tell where. Lenght is 10 secs longert than ideal. (4)

Competition score: 4

So, alltogheter 25 points, which makes this a very good track, but not a classic one. 4.


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(10/19/02 6:49:13 pm)
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Re: Beijing

good job

5. Just love it.

i drive several times and enjoy the short cut possibilities. also the landscape is beautiful. Not important for driving, but it helps in choice.

Akoss Poo

My vote for Beijing is 4 - I vote after one drive on the tracks. I drove the Indy. Driving Beijing - it was enjoyable, I liked the terrain very much, good corner combinations, almost five but it's only 4 because something was missing but dunno what.


Mediocre track
Good terrain
Good for competition
A little too long
But we can't be quite sure.


Not so bad track, but it was too long for me (I had to use rpl. handling...). So my mark is: 3.


Wow, what a great track! I hope it can win this contest!! Mark: 5


Beijing is very long track nice easy shotcuts with indy power gear, but I don't want a track like this in a competition. Is a very good track but I must vote for a competition track. 2 points to Chinese capital city.


What can i say...
This track is not so bad, but i don't enjoy racing on it.  :?
And fun is the most important thing for me.
Sorry, but i can't say more than 2.


I agree with Krys: its impossible to enjoy!  :x  But it has a nice terrain! My mark is 3.


+good terrain design
+not boring
-better for other cars than indy



Average track, nice terrain. 3 points


A contest on Beijing would be very interesting... but especially in the pro league. Despite of this, the track is well done, so...

... my vote is 5.
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Well, I didn't race anymore here, but I can remember it's very tricky. I posted a low mark because I thought if the track is very "shortcutable" it would be a bit unfair for the beginners. But this track is similar than zct20. And with the indy you can find a lot of shortcuts. I enjoyed it too much. Now my point of view of this track changed so if I must vote again I would give a higher mark.