Herr Otto Partz says you're all nothing but pipsqueaks!

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Started by zaqrack, October 09, 2003, 02:34:35 PM

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I have to agree with Alain on this point!
Most voters don't really vote the track but vote with other purposes in mind!

/rant on

Example 1)CTG's bad everglade vote as that track was on of the main contenders with CTG's track for the first place.That was before I voted for CTG's track *g*

2)Akoss Poo and CTG seem to give each other good votes,or at least no bad votes on every track wheter it's good or bad ;)

3)All those people giving their own tracks to high marks which are really out of place,I have to confess I belonged to that group also ;)

4)the problem alain described

5)Why does goal has so many 3's in design? while other tracks which sure look more interesting often only have 2's? sorry that's inconsistent

6)How can a 0/8/15 design as Alford get 5!!! design points? come on and compare it to those tracks with really good design! alford's scnerery is average at best.

7)Someone sees a track he thinks is average got one of the top places.Though he would have originaly have given it an average vote he gives it a very crap vote to drag it to the average place he thinks it belongs to.

8)To many tracks have the same feeling:Some hills,some water a lot of trees and houses.Now what next?
Oh yes we need a track! Let's use some curves and jumps... oh hmm something is missing! What? Ah yes! Let's place some boulevards corks and loops.But not more than 2 in a row.Let's scatter them around the track.
Most of those tracks are boring as hell and easy enough for live racing!Now is that a live racing contest?

Now who is the best voter?The one who gives 5's to every track? NO! the one who gives 1's to every track? NO! actually after all tracks have been voted on the average vote of a voter should be close to 3 as that is supposed to be an average vote.Good tracks deserve better votes and bad tracks worse votes of course!

Alan rotoi: 3.78! fun average even 4! Now does he like to race on every track wheter good or bad? Does he just like the game?That's nice but why does he vote at all then.Go race the default tracks then!

Satanziege:3.31 At least that's somewhere close to 3.0.But really: OH that was to hard for me... and that was work also.... Why don't you just race the default track against bernie if every hard track (those for real pipsqueaks) is nothing for you?

Mingva:3.27 Close to 3.0 at least but: Face it your taste is really good described by point 8. Let's build some nice terrain.Build a track which is very fluent to race,put some random track elemements.And ready is the  mingi track?What's about creativity ? No that does not count.Go race bernie's.

Argammon,Alain: The only drivers with an average vote below 3.0!
Alain does not seem to like close to any track for competitions! average vote 2!Do we agree with him that most of the tracks fit the point 8) description or isn't he satisfied with anything?
What's about Argy?He does not like close to any track's design?Does he think he can do better?Does he has to give 1's to every track w/o scnenery.The stunts contest is not an art contest but a contest to make a good track for a RACING game.Keep that in mind Arg.

Akoss,CTG,Krys: Competition rating is far to high.Or do you like to compete at any track thrown at you?

/rant off

Read this rant with some ;) ;) ;) in your memory while doing so.But even though the rant exaggerates big time,don't you think there is some truth behind it?


Quote from: "Argammon"Satanziege:3.31 At least that's somewhere close to 3.0.But really: OH that was to hard for me... and that was work also.... Why don't you just race the default track against bernie if every hard track (those for real pipsqueaks) is nothing for you?
Might it be you just had the names wrong? I only had a quick glance at my votes and i didn't notice to have complained and whined at every track. I only stated, that some tracks are too hard for beginners (on a track which you couldn't *finish* at all if didn't make the first jump in power gear, which is IMO too hard to reach on that track...
BTW: I already raced nearly all permanent competition tracks as good as i can by now, so i need new tracks ;)

I disagree with your calculations in so far as that there is no equal distribution of the qualitiy of tracks. I didn't look over the tracks, gave it votes, found the track with the average rating and recalculated my votes, so that this average would get a 3.0 ;) , which would be the only way, AFAIK, to get an average of 3.0. I drove the tracks and gave marks similar to school with 5 = very good, 3 = average and 1= bad.
As most of the tracks were at least average or better in my newbie opinion i expected an average of > 3.0, i would even have expected a higher one that the one you calculated.

I think it's ok when everyone gives his marks on every track with his own ideas. Due to the averaging of the votes the differences will extinguish each other, as long as the votes of each are consistent. So i can see no problem with that.

Quote from: "Argammon"
Read this rant with some ;) ;) ;) in your memory while doing so.But even though the rant exaggerates big time,don't you think there is some truth behind it?
sorry, i read it without ";)"'s , as you hint was at the end ;) hope

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Quote from: "Krys TOFF"I disaggree with Alain.
I like to play the "guess who made this track" game. :P

And Mingva isn't SO neutral : I remember he tipped somewhere I was the track designer.
About my votes : I vote the design by itself, not because of who I think made the track. That's for the so called biaised votes.

Alain, everyone try to guess who made what, even you I'm sure, it's not necessary volontary, it's just human.
Post sender : mmmm, I guess this post was made by me. :lol:

I strongly agree with Krys, I vote in the same way as him. I WILL try to find out the designer if I have an idea, but my guess won't change my marks.
And we have a bit similar track taste I think...
Chürműű! :-)

917.47 km


Why is this topic dead? TDC 2003 seems not to be very popular... :(


Hey, it reminds me that I still didn't tested many of the tracks. I go do it right now !

Maybe we should design some more tracks, Zak told that the limit of 3 tracks per pipsqueak is no more a limit.

And maybe the fact that there will probably be no B tracks in 2k4 stopped everybody. I mean that many created tracks to be the 2k4 B tracks creator, no ?


Com'on, vote ! Don't let this contest die !
I have one more track to test, but I see that only CTG and Akoss voted on all tracks !!!
Where are the others ? Why Argy, Mingva, Satanziege, Alan Rotoi, ... stopped to test tracks ? :?
Why some didn't even tried any track ? :shock:

Even if the winner just win a marvelous No-Prize, test tracks please.

How could we compare finally tracks with 8 or 9 votes to those with only 2 or 3 votes... :(  :(  :(


I won't test/vote. I lost any interest to it after unfair acts from Akss :? Besides, I'm disappointed by results from previous year. This year I also see some strange votes :(

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

I agree with Krys. Please finish voting! (Or start if you haven't started yet... for example Bonzai Joe.) I hoped everybody will tell his opinion in the forum, now I hope everybody will take his vote. Please please vote, it is a good contest in my opinion.
Chürműű! :-)

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Results? Or it won't be closed?


It seems Zak is too busy these days to make the final results.

Zak, will the votes made on own tracks will count (so classification won't change from the actual one) or not (like last year) ?


I think all the ratings are just for pleasure, I dont think it'd be fair to announce anyone as a winner after such low interest in the comp. But I'll show the designer names.


So, names are written now, and the prefered track was made by... Akoss Poo. Again. Congrats. :wink:


I just wonder why secondary competition is that unpopular if the majority thinks akoss is making the best tracks?

And it's also interesting to see the majority does not like Alain's tracks more than Argammon's weirdoos :)
I failed to send a 5 way track though! next time!!!

BTW I am just filling my votes as it is still possible.But as you know Argy is always fair and gentle and thus gave the winner track 'Storm' a 4,4,4 being his best vote for any track he did not make himself :)


Argammon's average vote being 2.95 is being the closest one to the arithmetic mean of 3.0! That means Argy is the best voter :)

But then again he gave his own tracks unfair marks :) but so did many others hehehe......


Just a question : why do you speak of yourself at the 3rd person ?
Julius Caesar did it more than 2000 years ago and he finished badly. :lol: