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Sleeping community

Started by CTG, January 08, 2004, 03:55:50 AM

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Stunts World's destiny:

1 (12.5%)
Constant level
4 (50%)
1 (12.5%)
It won't survive the following 2 years
2 (25%)
2004: disappears like Atlantis
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 5

Voting closed: January 08, 2004, 03:55:50 AM


What happened in the last few weeks? Stunts community seems to getting die? Less posts in the Forum, less chatters and less pipsqueaks in ZSC...  :?


Well, new year party and exams for many of you may explain this "sleeping" period...

Also, since Alain clam down his hot temper, all the community feel quiet.
Bring back aggressive Alain and forum will be more active. :lol: More insults, but more activity. :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Maybe, many new games were offered to you for X-mas ? And so you're too busy playing then, mmm ?
Me, I offered myself TrackMania, and I must admit it takes me some of Stunts playing time... :roll:

But I really hope Stunts community will survive at least as long as I live. Really.


Krys TOFF is right I guess: X-mas, new year parties and the stop of fights led to a calm down in the board. Also most contest seasons came to an end and everything will start again from now on. Also new fights will appear.

At least the forum will live up vastly when we reopen our contest season in summer :mrgreen:


thats also stupid that the competition is quiet, because its the track is out only since 5 days! Such an activity in 5 days is much higher than the average! Just with the liveupdate it seems smaller.
The problem is for Cork's Crew members that this is quite boring, come on, beat our times! :)


Is the community sleeping? I didn't realise that...

Hmm, CTG is kicking some arse, I better go put a distance between myself and him.
But we can't be quite sure.


Aaah, see? Some fighting starting again...  :wink: Wide awake.


Maybe he speaks about the chat. I joined few times and I found it empty (with bots). Only 1 time I found 5 people and all away but CTG.


That's right, the chatroom is quite empty... I'm online alone right now, come and chat with me :D But in driving I think we're doing okay. Lots of new registered members means quite many visitors, which will result in more drivers. And we have a new team driver in DieselJoe... by the way: where is Tsino?
But we can't be quite sure.



Quote from: "JTK"Aaah, see? Some fighting starting again...  :wink: Wide awake.
wide hmmm.

could you contact Widde? Maybe he'd come back. You could form an old-boys team. :)


I think Lukas Loehrer is the oldest boy, let's get him back too :D His was the first Stunts website I found also, back in 2000. Back then I thought the original track records on his site were UNBELIEVABLE (Default 54.xx, Cherries 3.43, Skids 1.38 (LOL), Bernies 2.00 (LOL), Helens 4.56, Joes 1.11 (the only decent replay of those 6)

All records were by StreetHawk, Wilczek and Guven. I got the impression that they were Stunts kings, but they were so weak when I look at it now :D
But we can't be quite sure.


Nice idea, nice idea...  8)

Maybe something like this is already in progress...?  8)


Don't forget some middle class pipsqueaks to invite again: Cordi Montserrat, Dario, J-J, LQR, CMG or the Dutch Alcoholics!  :) I think middle class is getting poor nowadays...


Getting poor ? no way middle class is big:

CTG,Krys,Leo,Mingva,Zak just to name a few

edit:maybe not ?Leo.... but there are others


CTG, are you trying to wake me up in chat with your insults? Better don't do it.