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I only recently joined the forum here and started reading about how you folks have done cool things to hack stunts... I didn't see anything mentioning it but, do you suppose it would be possible to modify things in order to race more than one opponent at the same time?
I was looking at the back of my Stunts retail box today and noticed that basically every image on the back had some notable differences to how that image would look in the final game.  Here's a picture showing comparisons.

And while I'm at it, what's up with the jumps on the main menu having red ropes instead of purple ropes :)

Stunts Chat / Stunts arcade cabinet
June 16, 2021, 03:40:40 PM
Hi guys, new user here but I've been playing Stunts since my dad brought it home as a surprise gift one night around 1991.

Recently, I was able to put stunts into my customized pc based racing arcade cabinet and its pretty neat to play it with a wheel.  I'm gratified that stunts (via the joystick option) allows for analogue steering. That was definitely not a regular feature of other racing games circa 1990.

I've been trying to get a moderate collection of tracks going for the version I'm running in the cab and thought I'd pose a few questions:

-Has anyone tried to make Stunts versions of the tracks that are available in Atari's Hard Drivin/Race Drivin arcade game? I know they wouldn't be 1x1 matches because the Race Drivin tracks do some things that can't be done in Stunts, but it would be neat to have those on my cab.

-It's become apparent to me that many custom tracks I'm downloading from the internet are very tedious to play, for example, putting sharp curves immediately after jumps or right on top of hills where you can't see them or plan for them in advance, putting elevated curves immediately after the ramps to get up to the higher elevation, putting many spirals into the track which require going very slowly, putting 4+ loops in a row or lots of jumps in a row which will throw your car into hyper gear, etc.  I'm certainly guilty of doing all of this stuff when I was a kid, but these days, these sorts of elements do not make a track fun for me.

Does anyone have a few suggestions for tracks that are similar to the ones that originally come with the game (e.g., Bernie's, Joe's, Skid's, Default, etc.)?  I think most of those strike a good balance for tracks that are very playable, don't require you to furtively drive through the track expecting sharp curves or other obstacles to pop up before you can deal with them, and don't try to take up every last block in the track creator. These tracks are much more fun to play on the arcade cab with the wheel and pedals than tracks that were clearly designed to get you into hyper gear or surprise you with tedious track and obstacle placement.