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Chat - Misc / Re: Association game
Last post by Cas - Today at 05:05:10 AM
Chat - Misc / Re: Association game
Last post by alanrotoi - Today at 03:05:29 AM
Chat - Misc / Re: Association game
Last post by Shoegazing Leo - Yesterday at 02:44:11 PM
Chat - Misc / Re: Association game
Last post by Erik Barros - Yesterday at 11:21:07 AM
Competition 2023 / Re: ZCT 269 - Yella Valley
Last post by Cas - December 06, 2023, 09:53:37 PM
 :o Definitely!  Let the thread not get cut!
Chat - Misc / Re: Strange songs by me
Last post by Shoegazing Leo - December 04, 2023, 03:27:03 PM
New video some weeks ago (shot near the Renato Biker home, i tought):

Fahr-Simulator 2012

I now also bought the DVD of the successor "Fahr-Simulator 2012". Main difference is more different vehicles, those get enabled only by certain missions, and daylight changes with time, but it is still similarly glitchy. Most annoying are still the absent blinker pilot lamps, and that (despite late evening driving) lamps emit no light.

Both games apparently indeed had international release in English, named "Driving Simulator 2009" and "Driving Simulator 2012".

While 2009 did not really know if it wants to be a teaching tool or game, 2012 is more clearly positioned as a game, so it has no (useless) editor anymore and installs to a more usual directory path. It has 3 cities but unfortunately comes with no map, but it displays the near environment in a kind of satnav and (most important) is that one of the outside camera views can now not only pan by mouse, but by scroll wheel can slowly zoom in-/out into pointing direction, so you can basically slowly fly around everywhere to get e.g. bird's eye view of everything (seeing all the missing roofs and other prop junk in full glory, which somewhat spoils the mystery) and even zoom around inside your car (cockpit details etc., e.g. pedals are missing). The abyss here is not grass grid texture anymore but plain black. There are even pedestrians, those however seem ghosts those you can drive through without damage, and sometimes they walk right through your car and so (like all other immaterial prop glitch mess) move in 3D through its interior.

2012 loads very slowly (because it pre-renders the varying light conditions?) and outside view can get jerky at too high effect (e.g. reflection) settings. And unfortunately viewing distance (which is fairly low) can not be set by hand anymore. Instead it has a strange "dynamic colour"(?) setting to make sunlight glare more spectacular, but it behaves rather like a too slow automatic white balance of a digicam. Unfortunately the editor of 2009 fails to load the .sce files of 2012, so it can not be used to render its road map (but camera top view somewhat compensates this).

I read that also a version 2013 exists, which only difference seems additional driving school training (with questionnaire and practice), which practice mode is barely useful because drone cars drive so bad that they spontaneously collide with you and so make it impossible to pass the tests.


Another unintentionally funny German driving simulator is "3D-Fahrschule" (aka "3D-Driving-School"), which clearly focuses on being a teaching aid, so while it models realistic traffic rules and tests, the graphics looks like the first RidgeRacer, only in bad (i.e. technical standard of 1992). I.e. house facades are wallpapered with short repeating textures those often lack doors or have truncated nonsense shop text fragments.

Apparently this came out in 2001, and from that day on got only subtle updates to run on modern Windows (e.g. current version supports new steering wheels). On its website is a new free version 6 that has 4 levels (enough to drive around). An older shareware version 5 (drive5-DE.exe) had all levels but limits count of program starts (can be tricked by a sandbox) that on my Ryzen 2400G works only in windowed mode (else environment becomes a grey silhouette). Cars here do have realistic features (turn lights, wipers, headlights emit light), but driving physics acts like an 8-bit game, i.e. collisions immediately stop the car (with drumkit sound) and it barely bounces over obstacles. And why here in outside view of all the player's car (unlike FahrSim2009/2012) has no transparent windows makes no sense. I watched on youtube that there are some glitchride tricks where in few spots cars can jump over mountains into the void.

Sometimes opponents partially drive through each others without collision or disappear/reappear in certain spots, which seems acceptable for a teaching aid that mainly intends to provide controlled preprogrammed situations. In the (oldest) 2001 version pedestrians were ridiculous absurd muscle guys those look and move like helium filled dummies on strings escaped from a closed traffic training area. :)
Competition 2023 / ZCT 269 - Yella Valley
Last post by alanrotoi - December 04, 2023, 03:16:05 AM
Please ask Zak to race at least a list filler! He's the onlyone who raced in all the seasons! He has 11 days to keep his record!!
Chat - Misc / Re: PHILADELPHIA FLYERS vs pit...
Last post by CTG - December 03, 2023, 11:34:31 PM