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World Cup 2006 - Germany (World Cup ONLY)

Started by vamologocomisso, May 26, 2006, 06:45:27 PM

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al il professore

Quote from: al il professore on July 03, 2006, 09:48:13 PM
Quote from: Akoss PooThey scored 9 goals in 5 matches, that's not too few. And only 1 (own) goals scored against.

yes, impressive, the best team of the world cup.

perhaps marcello lippi, which coached zinedine zidane for two calcio titles in 97 and 98, knows him well enough to make france lose. perhaps materazzi has a plan against zidane to injure him during the finals. perhaps italy is the best team in the world.

i dont get a thing, since one week, everything is crazy, and i will need one year to understand what is happening AGAIN.

france is on fire. even the best team in the world is nothing against it.

I still didnt understand what happened and I dont know how I predicted the world cup so well... materazzi had not a plan to injured zidane in the finals, he is too smart for that, he had a plan to book out zidane in the world cup finals... the outcome of this match STILL HURTS!!!
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Two separate topics for football in 2006, both around 280-290 messages. Wow!


Quote from: CTG on July 09, 2012, 04:07:35 PM
Two separate topics for football in 2006, both around 280-290 messages. Wow!

They should be merged somehow.


Or spam it both up to 290, they deserve to be in top10 topics.