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International Stunts Master 2010

Started by Mark L. Rivers, November 12, 2009, 11:13:12 AM

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Mark L. Rivers

Mark L. Rivers

Rules amendment

This rule amendment has just published on the official site in the News page and integrated in the Info & Rules page:

"In order to assign the Time Bonus at the 2nd checkpoint, the classification will keep in count the effective time realized. Time Bonus gained at 1st checkpoint won't affect the classification in order to assign the Time Bonus at 2nd checkpoint."

Duplode we can't get bonus points twice for the same replay, that is? That is perfectly fair.


So, the bonus is only for the final time?


Oh, I think Gutix understood it better than me. Still makes perfect sense.


Mark L. Rivers

Quote from: Gutix on December 16, 2009, 08:40:39 PM
So, the bonus is only for the final time?

Exactly. Anyway, to avoid any misunderstanding, I think it's better I explain with other words the concept, making a clear example:

Gutix realized 41,70 for the 1st checkpoint getting so 1,20 as Time Bonus.
But this Time Bonus has applyed only to determine the final classification.

So to catch the first Time Bonus at 2nd checkpoint 41,70 is still the reference.

If Gutix won't send a new time for the 2nd checkpoint, he will get again the first Time Bonus (1,20) if no one will realize a time better than 41,70.
If Gutix won't send a new time for the 2nd checkpoint, other drivers will get the first Time Bonus if they will realize at least 41,70.

Quote from: Duplode on December 16, 2009, 06:37:24 PM we can't get bonus points twice for the same replay, that is? That is perfectly fair.

Effectively it would be more fair, but I wanted to realize a bonus system not very complicated. 

Mark L. Rivers

2nd checkpoint!

And here we are at 2nd checkpoint! Two outsets and two significant improvements don't undermine Gutix from the vertex: his 41,70 remains the best time at the moment and so he stays on top; getting also a new best Time Bonus, nobody and none can deprives the current leader about the qualification. But behind the classification changes a lot! Mark L. Rivers goes down on the track with the 2nd best time, very close to Gutix: getting the 2nd best Time Bonus the italian driver made a concrete step towards the qualification. On the provisional 3rd step of the podium, and so currently qualificated, a great AbuRaf70: big improvement (almost 3 seconds) and 3rd best Time Bonus for the great argentinian!  :)  No improvement for a silent and sure careful Duplode who slides at the 4th provisional place: still qualifyed, but he will have almost surely to improve if he want to be on the gridline of the Race. Second significant improvement for SuperBrian, who doesn't reduce a lot his time but, and this is the important news, he shifted to the manual gear  ;): 5th provisional place for him, but chances to land on the Race drastically increased. Finally outset for Zak McKracken with a patrol lap just to taste the track: 6th and last provisional place but sure still great chances to be in the next January.

And now we go for the end of this qualify, no more update until the finish. Who will join in the last moment in order to achieve a ticket for the Race? Who will be in and who will be out from the International Master 2010 ? Only a bit less than 4 days for the verdict!  :)

Mark L. Rivers

We are going towards an unusual result... Just 48 hours to discover it...  ;)


Quote from: Mark L. Rivers on December 21, 2009, 10:25:32 PM

We are going towards an unusual result... Just 48 hours to discover it...  ;)

Oh my... thanks for the post Mark, I was about to ignore the deadline was before Christmas!! :o

Mark L. Rivers

26 hours to the closure, and big surprises seems coming...  ;)


I am very anxious about the results. Too bad the deadline is at midnight, probably wont be awake and have to wait until tomorrow...

Mark L. Rivers

Don't worry Zak, you can go to sleep without problems as I'm going to be: the update is expected tomorrow in the morning, maybe around the 8.00 o'clock.
So you should to be able to know the result before the wake up of your southamerican fellows...  :D :)

Mark L. Rivers

Qualify: final result!

ISM Qualify is finished and the inappellabile verdict is the most shocking ever: the winner of the 2008 edition of ISM, also 2nd in the 2007 and 2009, is out. We are talking about Bonzai Joe, who, jointly with Reiger (aka Roy Wiegerinck, 2001 ZakStunts' winner), won't take part to the Race. Both sent replays very far from their best (just a list filler for the dutch driver) showing so not to be very intentioned to put all their engagement in the usually fought and battled contest we'll have next January.

Anyway, the 2010 edition will see really strong starrings as usual:

Gutix, awe-insipiring with an unreachable time, the man to beat
Duplode, the usual powerful and solid result for the absolute protagonist of the 2009
Mark L. Rivers, qualification without big efforts thanks to the Time Bonus got
Zak McKracken, 3rd best time, great motivation and a clear message for all the qualified
SuperBrian, now he's learning to use the manual gear, who can contain his skill?
AbuRaf70, independently from the number of qualified, he's always in: well done!

Big absent will be the dominator of the 2007 and 2009 editions, Ayrton. Sabbatic year for the argentinian master, who, evidently, doesn't like the pair editions not having raced in 2008. ;)

So, six drivers qualified, exactly as two years ago, six drivers ready to give life to an exciting and serried Race on dazzling tracks, as usual!

Now, not before to express my pleasure seeing BJ and Roy mark and honour this 4th edition with their presence even only in the qualify, I have only to fix the appointment for the 5th January 2010, when the engines will come back to rumble on the great show called ISM! :)


Yeah I'm sorry about it... I haven't seen the times of the other drivers, so don't know if I would have qualified otherwise, but I found only 10 minutes to race in the afternoon of December 22 before high-school reunion party and then taking off for christmas celebrations with my family.
I hope this means my exams will be more successful :)

Good luck to the pipsqueaks!
But we can't be quite sure.