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Site updates.

Started by Daniel3D, February 26, 2023, 08:32:17 PM

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Hi everyone.
The custom cars championship started on CAS his project Easy Tour.
For the ideas that I had CAS made several updates that made the tryout season possible.

Easytour is meant to be customizable, that makes further development a bit more challenging.

Because I do want some changes I asked CAS if I could branch the site and ask for help.
Duplode came to the rescue and has made a few updates.

Changes at this time are therefore not part of easytour, they can be adopted by CAS of course.

Besides a few changes on the admin side the most important thing is a working scoreboard with points  8)
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Glad that you guys were able to fix that. I have been into a lot of things and I'm still pretty stressed and with several things I have to do in the following days, but I expect I'll be able to return to normal activity within this coming month.

EasyTour does need a lot of features that are pending
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