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ZCT261 - Thiers

Started by alanrotoi, April 18, 2023, 05:04:55 AM

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Enjoyable track with an interesting shortcut/trick porposal. I don't know which car was made for but we'll find a fun way to use the best car.


I hoped it would be possible to keep something of the spirit of the original race, and it seems to be working fine  :)  Let's see how the round will evolve.


It's a very tough one, but enjoyable track. I'll keep on trying. I think I can still improve my lap :)
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From all things going on at this track, it was the unassuming second corner that turned out to be decisive. Great work by Rolling Stunts! Though the track was rather polarising (that's unavoidable with this design style, I guess), I have found the alternatives it offered, and how much potential for surprise it still had, fascinating. Also, it's cosmically fitting that it went back to being a Vette race at the very end, even if it messed up the blue-and-purple scoreboard  :D

Erik Barros

It was a good race, some parts were quite difficult to get through. @GTAManRCR did a good job executing the jump between loop and using autoshift. The current race will be another challenge, driving the MP4 in manual transmission will be difficult, the car is very fast.


The last part needed lots of Replay Handling to get a 1:10, but @Erik Barros have beaten me. Congratulations!
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