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Competition 2014 / ZCT 150 - Doupe
January 04, 2014, 11:35:36 PM
Maybe a bit too hard for a January track but since we don't really have newbies anymore, I don't think it is an issue :)
Competition and Website / Scheduled replays
August 16, 2012, 07:50:53 AM
Seeing Renato and Friker battling yesterday for the LTB gave me an idea:

Quiet days are with us since almost a decade now (wow...). It is a great solution to a big problem, however, less and less significant now that the activity is a bit lower.

What if we would reverse the idea, and allow pipsqueaks to send scheduled replays? Of course not backwards, but forward in time.  Let's say if someone is battling for the LTB and is afraid that after he goes to sleep someone will overtake. He could schedule a replay for 2am or 3am next morning, which then only shows on the scoreboard from that time.

Scheduled replays could not be rescheduled or revoked. Such a system would allow everyone to do some strategic thinking and possibly increase the number of sent replays and the battle for LTB.

what do you think?

Competition and Website / guest track
July 04, 2012, 02:36:39 PM
132 ZakStunts tracks so far on the main path, 117 designed by me.
With no other active competitions available, I would like to have more guest tracks.

How about having every second track delivered by a guest designer?

You can apply for:
ZCT133 (August)
ZCT135 (October)
ZCT137 (December)

I would need the track at least one week before the end of month.
Applications welcome :)
Competition 2012 / ZCT132 - Gaotie
July 04, 2012, 02:32:35 PM
Probably the first ever track created while speeding at 310km/h on the ground (on a high speed train, yes :))

I think its a fun one. Enjoy!
Competition 2012 / ZCT130 - Twist and Shout
May 02, 2012, 02:44:22 AM
chitchat on the new track
Competition 2012 / Time Machine
April 22, 2012, 07:39:01 AM
Some of you might not knwo about this feature on ZakStunts.
You can actually access the snapshot of ZakStunts during ZCT10.

oh my god...

those colors in the menu...
graphical menu...
those faces on the pipsqueak's list...
the car showcase...
the comments below the scoreboard....
those warinings on the main page on supported browsers...
abandonware for download on the site...

It happened maybe in another life...
Competition 2012 / ZCT128 - 2^7
March 02, 2012, 04:31:23 PM
Long straights and right turns. Can you manage?
Stunts Chat / Classic racing
February 21, 2012, 02:52:11 PM
What else would you expect from my son - yes, he loves Stunts!
Of course he is too small yet to to race alone, but he loves to play with me together and watch how the cars go.
RH-heavy competition racing is not too interesting to look at. So lately I have returned to our roots, and am racing quite a lot from F3 view against an opponent (usually Skid) with a slightly faster car and strictly noRH, with Baranabas sitting on my lap.

It is so much fun!!! Barnabas has his favourite cars which he often requests (Grey lamborghini and red jeep) and loves to see how we overtake and battle against the opponents, and frankly, I am having a lot more fun racing than on the competition tracks in the recent months.

Last time we played more than an hour on a long train ride from Beijing to Shanghai. We had a great time - check out this very close battle for example which I have attached.

I encourage all of you to rest the competition racing a bit and race just for fun as in the old days, to rediscover what a great game Stunts is.
Chat - Misc / wiki spam
February 02, 2012, 01:48:16 PM
Wiki spam is usually annoying.
But today I found this page on the stunts wiki. It's kind of interesting :) (quoted contents below to make sure the page is stored)

I have learnt the following from this useful spam:

- Economists are not useful anymore. I need to retrain myself to be an automobile gearbox specialist!
- If you are not an expert at restoration (that is, you can restore anything!) you have no chance with women.
- The skill of Prevodovky is the key for earning a lot of money (or at least the ideal amount of money)

There's a big difference involving several types of gear boxes. Many people study at classes for decades to grasp this. On the other hand, in cases where you don't use products as well as automobiles, you probably does not have to own this information.
The fact is that too many people focus today upon economics as well as law of their training. Although these kind of people do not see the predicament around the work marketplace. Economists aren't needed any longer, we all have got heard of these immediately.

Rather than studying precisely what prevodovky to utilise, students waste their particular occasion researching matters they are able to never ever used in practice. It's a unhappy reality regarding our own academic technique.
[edit] Seniors don't seem to be aware of this specific point which is the reason why we quite often research topics which are not pertinent.

Just simply very few people know something pertaining to vehicle in addition to machines. Normally, these people get more suitable when compared with the many financial experts.

Then again, consider some of the alternatives? You could for instance begin a store to provide such things as just what gear to make use of within your appliance. You will find there's massive need for that, specifically in B2b segment. This does mean high profits and recurring payments, what on earth is in no way awful. You possess likewise several other opportunities. You'll be able to start an automobile repair shop and also assist the others with their particular automobiles. An individual might as well come across career in a very manufacturer or even change into freelancers. You can find a large consideration in individuals through car sectors, whom understand picking a accurate gear box.

Forever keep in mind which you live once. You can not learn 5 times in the College or university. The actual 1st selection is the most important one. Using the automotive know-how, you'll be able to become a consultant and be given a considerable hourly price for your ideal advice. You actually can also teach the others as well as make it possible to increase your care about the particular inequality around the work marketplace.

It is also an exceedingly skills. Countless men nowadays may not accomplish basic property capabilities, like shifting a new bulb. It may well tone goofy for you, yet it is genuine. Chicks don't want men that could definitely not restoration everything. There're seeking folks who could care for the house of simply of any circumstances could happen.

Fiscal feature is usually necessary. Learning things such as prevodovky, you'll be able to actually complete a ideal money. Anytime you understand the best way to complete math, not a soul will pay you because of this expertise.
Your practical implement will be minimal. Although when you already know to fix practical stuff everyone utilizes upon every day base, you don't need to concern yourself with this monthly payment to suit your needs. You should, maintain it at heart and prepare a proper determination.

Chat - Misc / Money
January 13, 2012, 01:48:49 PM
Funny how different languages express how to receive salary for work:

English are earning money (earn money)
Germans are deserving money (Geld verdienen)
French are winning money (gagner de l'argent)
Hungarians are searching for money (pénzt keresni)

what are your expressions? :)
Competition 2012 / ZCT126 - Twenty-twelve
January 03, 2012, 02:42:25 PM
2012 - Twenty-twelve...
The 12th season...
...maybe 20 pipsqueaks? :)
Competition and Website / ZakStunts 2012 rule changes
January 03, 2012, 02:07:15 PM
Only a few rules were modified for the new season. Changes are as follows:

  • We have again 12 tracks, one each month.
  • To avoid confusion, the deadline of each track is put back to 20:00 GMT+1 on the last day of the month.
  • Tracks are available on or before the 4th of each month. If the track is available before the 4th, leading time is not calculated until  0:00 GMT+1 on the 4th day of the month. (this guarantees I have enough time to update the site)
  • Your FOUR worst results don't count, as opposed to the TWO worst as until now. We all have less time to race.
  • To compensate the above change, bonus points are awarded to frequent pipsqueaks. This is called EB, "Endurance Bonus" After replays were submitted for 8 tracks during a season, participation on each additional track attacts bonus points. Just as LTB, these points accumulate, do not affect the track scoreboards or team scores, but are included in the seasonal scores:

    • 9. track = +1 point
    • 10. track = +2 points
    • 11. track = +3 points
    • 12. track = +6 points
  • Car bonuses are not reset but continued from their state at the end of 2011

I guess that's all. Opinions are welcome.

Stunts Chat / Stunts R Us content available!
November 18, 2011, 03:10:16 PM
Many of you cannot remember the Stunts Webzine maintained by Alain between 2002-2004. The site and its contents were most interesting and unique, but lost for a long time.

I was able to retrieve 19 articles (including invaluable interviews) and a couple of news pages.
If you are able to retrieve other pages, let me know and I will put on site!

Chat - Misc / Stunts towns
June 15, 2011, 05:31:33 AM
Would be a nice location for the next world meeting, having races with the OWOOT rule :D

Stunts Forum & Portal / Future of the community
June 12, 2011, 05:50:22 PM
Just read the first article on the history of online Stunts racing:

I noticed the following:
- my English was awful back in 2002 :)
- we have come a long way. A really long way
- many of our dreams have come true - WSMs being the greatest dreams fulfilled. ZCT100 being another (for me, at least)
- check the visitor and pipsqueak numbers mentioned in the article - we do complaim a lot lately., but do we really have a reson to complain?
- I really need to write a new part of the history, before its forgotten, as the last part was written in 2006. Or someone else needs to write it. We just closed another era, you know. Where did we stop in 2006? 6th generation - Age of MeganiuM. What happened since? I would say:

2007-2008: 7th Generation / Decline - and no new generations appeared after this seventh!
2009: Renessaince / Rebirth, I would also risk 2nd golden age of Stunts.
2010-now: Grey days, stumbling in our footsteps, moral and motivational crisis
from now onwards: 8th Generation maybe? a transformation of priorities? who knows...

What do you think?

Competition 2011 / ZCT115 - Anniversary
January 30, 2011, 09:41:00 PM
10 years... 115 tracks... and hopefully a lot of pipsqueaks on the scoreboard!  ;D
Competition and Website / ZakStunts 2011
January 21, 2011, 11:36:53 PM
The site was prepared for 2011. New cars were added to the system, and the code was updated where it was necessary. I also introduced the track display code written by caesar. Possibly I will also code an automating replay archive system, but it depends on my free time.

In any case, the competition is ready to go. Would like it to start with february, or should we keep March, as planned? Vote is open until the 28th!
Competition and Website / Stunts HQ relocation
December 04, 2010, 01:51:29 PM
Hi All,

big changes are coming... in February 2011 I will move to Shanghai, China with Andi + Barnabás. I was offered the challenge and opportunity to help our company start a China branch office as the operations manager. And I accepted. :) We will sign a one year contract, after that we can reassess whether we would like to spend more time far from our home.

I will keep Zakstunts and running on the same server in Hungary. At the current fee of 4EUR/month it is affordable and I would not like to spend time on moving the site...
I am sure I will also have time to prepare the 2011 season during the winter holidays end of this year. But I am also sure I will be totally busy and probably unable to dedicate any time for the site during January and February (and perhaps March), as there is a lot to be arranged before we go and after we arrive.
I see the following options regarding ZakStunts:

1. Prepare the site for 2011, but postpone the season start when we have relocated and settled in a bit (March or April)  
2. Start as planned with the 1st of January and have a break after the first track.
3. Start as planned and hope for the best, that I will be able to do the required updates.

I feel bad enough already due to the very little time I was able to dedicate for the site in the past months - I would rather prefer option 1, than a soulless and manager-less competition in the first months of 2011.

What do you think?
Stunts Chat / Web show on Stunts at Pixelmusement
November 23, 2010, 09:44:10 AM
I was recently contacted by Kris Asick, who is doing a webcast on old DOS games. There were already 25 episodes, and guess what - the first one was about Stunts.

You can check the webcast here:

lets discuss our opinions here - Kris is looking forward to our comments.

Here is his mail quoted:

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 3:48 AM, Kris Asick wrote:

   I'm kinda mad at myself for forgetting to tell you or anyone else in the Stunts community about this...

   My name's Kris Asick and I'm the host and producer of a new web show called Ancient DOS Games, where in each episode I take a look at an old DOS game and go over how to play it, how to legally obtain it, and how to get it running on modern systems using DOSBox, source ports, or other means.

   My very first episode of Ancient DOS Games covered Stunts... I do one episode a week and am already up to Episode #25... yeah, I'm a little late in letting you know about this. Here's a link if you want to watch the review:

   The reason why I've finally remembered is because early this morning, I managed to get all of the best Stunts tracks I've ever made uploaded to my website, along with pictures and short descriptions of each of them. You can check them out here:

   I wanted to post in the forums about this, but couldn't figure out how to without registering, and it seems kinda pointless to register for a forum I'm not going to be active in. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could make a post about this on your forum, or if you could point out the magic "make a new post" button that I can't seem to find. ^_^;

   In any case, I find the community you and the other Stunts fans have built impressive. I hope you continue to have success with keeping your competitions and such going!

   --- Kris Asick (Gemini)
Competition and Website / new cars for 2011
October 12, 2010, 09:04:54 AM
My plans:

I want to finally complete the car count to 15.
The Ranger will be dropped out of the available cars. I want to keep cars real. Speedgate and Skyline are expected to stay.
That means we need two new cars.

One of them will be the Lotus Esprit. Sorry this is a must... :)
The other is up for a vote. Which car would you prefer?