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The Graveyard / The taste of the audiance
December 11, 2003, 03:58:30 AM
I'm happy with my position  at TDC :)
Competition 2003 / ZCT 33 - Prediction Game
December 11, 2003, 03:56:33 AM
My tip:
1. Argy
2.   Alain
3. Bonzai
4. Mingva
5. Akosss

Just wanted to participate, so no reasoning, it just feels right this month :) Prove me wrong. (you will :) )
Motor sports, Racing / F1 in 2004
December 10, 2003, 10:34:44 PM
One Schuhmacher will become Worldchampion next year. :)
Ferrari had the best car for years and they won't repeat a problem like the tyre problem last season. BMW was very close last season, but i don't think they will let Montoya be No.1 as he's gonna go to Mercedes :) i don't  think mercedes will be playing for number one next year, they had a lucky finish last season, but they won't repeat that. :)
Stunts Chat / Peace
December 08, 2003, 09:53:49 AM
It's nice to see what an offer of peace can become.
Stunts Chat / peaceful stunts chat and forum forever
November 11, 2003, 12:00:28 AM
Quote from: "BonzaiJoe"...something I myself did more than 1? years ago, even before you knew of online Stunts. But go ahead and whine on, I don't think the result will be changed :D


Sorry. I don't understand why you put yourself in defense, when there's no obvious thing you did wrong. i don't get it.

Couldn't we please make a subsection in the Board "Drivers who lie and/or cheat and/or are said to have done one or the other or both"? I'd like to be able to skip such things easily if i'm not in the mood.
General Chat - ZSC / Re: ZakStunts 2004
November 10, 2003, 11:05:08 AM
Quote from: "zaqrack"1. Assistant Operator
a. managing the secondary competition (if there's any)
b. write analysis, stats, reviews,news, etc.
c. update through phpmyadmin (easy job :)
d. if he knows php he can also write additional stats and tools for the site.
I don't know how much time will be left next year, but I'm not a newbie at PHP, so if there's time I'll sureley be able to help programming and possibly also to do some administration. ButI can't say anything for sure about next year already :)

Quote from: "zaqrack"2. Dual League
a. no separate pro league but a combined and an amateur (newbie). In this case we need a good system to decide who is already a pro. But this way newbies have their own goal.
b. separate leagues like this year but no relegation but only promotion according to strict rules.
c. same system as this year maybe with modified point system of course.
I personaly rather wanted to be 10th in Pro than 1st or 2nd in amateur. AFAIK all regular drivers are pro anyway. If there's a dual league what about a newbie <-> old school league? I think that all regular pipsqueaks should be in the "pro" league, the system is generally quite nice, but i think there are too few regular pipsqueaks for this effort to make sense. And the relegation/promotion causes some risks, cause points may vary if a newbie suddenly becomes pro in mid season, or a good pipsqueak is regular switching. i think this is the only major drawback in the system, because it makes the championship less controllable.

Just now what about this: You simply erase relegation: whoever is in top10 once is pro for the season and noone is invited in the first race? Then there could be no mistakes about current points in pro champinship.

Quote from: "zaqrack"3. Secondary Competition
a. no secondary competition/track at all
b. separate track for amateur/pro (only if leagues are separated) - sound like a bad idea anyway, maybe you like it.
c. one competition track for everyone, and one secondary for the amateur league only for extra points. Pros can join the track too but they dont earn points, only for fun. Works only if theres a separate league for amateurs.
d. same as above but the separate track is for the pros only.
e. secondary track for points for everyone. Of course only 10-20% wight compared to the main competition.[/b]
i think if it's not too much work, just leave it as it is :) It's nice to drive the tracks if there's time, but if i had to drive them to get a good rating in primary it would be frustrating.

i think c would be nice, together with "pro once - pro ever" (see above).

so long,
General Chat - Kalpens / Call for critics
November 03, 2003, 03:21:23 PM
don't see much need to change anything ;) it was pretty much perfect, perhaps the tracks could have been a bit longer, but that's about everything. The 3-replay-limit didn't disturb me, i hadn't had the time to produce much more anyhow, and if it helps you...
the only thing i really didn't like was, that the most stopped racing after the first track, but that wasn't you fault either ;) so long - looking forward to kalpen 04!

Competition 2003 / ZCT 32 - black pudding
November 02, 2003, 02:57:02 PM
Hmm i see them too, but work, much work 8)
Stunts Questions / What are the "IRC rules" ?
October 20, 2003, 07:52:30 PM
IRC means indy Racing Competition, that's another contest hosted by Mingva

it's at

so long,
Competition 2003 / Hello ! I'm new to this competition.
October 20, 2003, 11:38:24 AM
HI Flo!

Welcome to racing ;) I'm quite new too,just have a look at last month replays and you will get an idea how to drive the times ;) though I'm still working on Z31 time .... :)

have fun!
The Graveyard / Comments
October 19, 2003, 04:36:05 PM
Quote from: "Argammon"Satanziege:3.31 At least that's somewhere close to 3.0.But really: OH that was to hard for me... and that was work also.... Why don't you just race the default track against bernie if every hard track (those for real pipsqueaks) is nothing for you?
Might it be you just had the names wrong? I only had a quick glance at my votes and i didn't notice to have complained and whined at every track. I only stated, that some tracks are too hard for beginners (on a track which you couldn't *finish* at all if didn't make the first jump in power gear, which is IMO too hard to reach on that track...
BTW: I already raced nearly all permanent competition tracks as good as i can by now, so i need new tracks ;)

I disagree with your calculations in so far as that there is no equal distribution of the qualitiy of tracks. I didn't look over the tracks, gave it votes, found the track with the average rating and recalculated my votes, so that this average would get a 3.0 ;) , which would be the only way, AFAIK, to get an average of 3.0. I drove the tracks and gave marks similar to school with 5 = very good, 3 = average and 1= bad.
As most of the tracks were at least average or better in my newbie opinion i expected an average of > 3.0, i would even have expected a higher one that the one you calculated.

I think it's ok when everyone gives his marks on every track with his own ideas. Due to the averaging of the votes the differences will extinguish each other, as long as the votes of each are consistent. So i can see no problem with that.

Quote from: "Argammon"
Read this rant with some ;) ;) ;) in your memory while doing so.But even though the rant exaggerates big time,don't you think there is some truth behind it?
sorry, i read it without ";)"'s , as you hint was at the end ;) hope
The Graveyard / Comments
October 16, 2003, 07:47:57 PM
Just 2 ideas to cause more work for Zak ;) :
- Would be possible to put new tracks in the news section? Or is this too much work for the short time the contest runs?
- And is there a reason why one shouldn't change the vote or reenter it? I had one or two typos today, at least i only noticed after hitting submit ;)
General Chat - ZSC / manual gears for everyone
October 16, 2003, 07:45:39 PM
How could you know? You have to have the second face or the sixth sense! :idea: You're a seer! A visionary! THE ORACLE! :shock:
General Chat - ZSC / manual gears for everyone
October 16, 2003, 05:38:26 PM
I see no good in forcing manual shifting. My first replays were automatic, i simply saw then, that i was faster with manual, so i switched. I don't think i had joined if i had to start the hard way.
The Graveyard / Ganymede
October 16, 2003, 05:34:45 PM
The surroundings are quite nice, but it's not too nice to actually drive it, so i give it a 3 for design and for fun. And for competiton also. ;)