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Custom Cars with Stressed / Car Creation Wishlist
August 24, 2010, 04:48:29 PM
I will create soon 1 or 2 of the most voted cars here.

2 votes per user.

Custom Cars with Stressed / Re: Toyota Sprinter Trueno
August 23, 2010, 08:37:28 PM
Thanks for your feedback.

I'm happy to know that although it is in not "Finalized"state, it is somehow fun to you to drive.

dstien, As a toyota fan, i also hould like to make other toyota's, but soon i will make a wishlist of cars I want to create, for all the community to vote.
Thanks Overdrijf for your opinion!

I agree with you, as stunts car, the AE86 is more fun in deed.
I create cars with simulation in mind so there's no way this car could be fast compared with all others. Anyway I'm happy to get it in the game, although it is FWD.
Custom Cars with Stressed / Toyota Sprinter Trueno
August 10, 2010, 04:13:32 PM
Hi Stunters!

As anounced earlier, I was about to create a Toyota Sprinter Trueno car to Stunts and it's almost finished.
It has some of the paint colours of the 87 car year and a special InitialD Takumi's car paint.

I'm trying to get it's handling tuned the best I can, but I figured that in stunts i can't make a car go in power slide (apart from power gear bug).
Right now it just have a good slide control under fast curves.
If anyone can point me some tips, I'll  appreciate.

Anyway, a beta version of this car is released for anyone who wants to test it.

Final version will be released as soon as it behaves more realistic (as it should always ;) ).

Because at that time, in 2002 I was no such expert on file editing, rarely had internet access to get more powerfull tools, so I work with the tools I had on my system.

To get this in this topic I had to go to my old Pentium 100 and backup my "note files".

Today it would be different of course, but has I stated earlier, I post what I remember that I did at that time, literally.

My experience with editing VCE files was, back in 2002, very basic. I had to use Microsoft EDIT (DOS aplication) to change some bytes of these files.

Using this EDIT app (EDIT.COM) that still remains in Windows Xp (system32 folder) I was able to get some "patterns" on ASCII bytes and discover some samples used by engine, skids, crash, and other sound that were used in game.

But I had to use EDIT with "open in binary" switch option to see byte values.
Getting it straight, on windows command prompt you write this:

edit /93 pceng1.vce <- for pc sound editing.
edit /100 adeng1.vce <- for ad sound editing.

Then you will see this:   (for pc speaker)

Next I show what I had written in 2002 to explain what I had edit and its consequences:
(broken image link)

Note: above pictures show content files that were written by me. EDT file extension is not used on game.

For Adlib(SoundBlaster) its very similar to edit.

Now I will show what I had analysed in sound file content, taking Adlib file as example:
(this is a mod screenshot to show all content bytes on original and mod files in horizontal split screen)

Has you can see there is a STOPSTARENGIBLOWSKIDSCRABUMPCRAS text on first line, spacing these chars in logic words, it identifies 8 words that is the number of rows below the first text line of the file content.

Assuming this, Stop sound sample code corresponds to the first line, Star(t) the second, The third is for Engi(ne) sound and so on.

I don't know what all chars do in each line, I tried to change on by one, but the most relevant were those that I point at pictures above.

And that is some of what I remember of this. All suggestions are welcome to get this sound sampling code revealed.


I'm pleased to notice that this car has being well accept :)

About AE86 i also think that i can make it drift, since stunts allows other cars to do so, like Lamborghini Countach on slow corners for example.

About engine sound editing, i will start a new topic about that.
Thanks for your suggestion Duplode.

Thanks Zak!
It has been tunned the in terms of engine and gear ratios to mach real specs, but not for the front wheel drive has it should.
I would like to have some feedback about grip from who use this car, to get it perfect ;)
I had in mind to create an 86 Corolla Gt AE86, since it whould fit more likely on rear wheel drive that is natively supperted by Stunts.

Custom Cars with Stressed / Toyota Corolla AE92 GTi
July 23, 2010, 07:31:00 PM
Hi stunts lovers,

Years ago i had played intensively this good old game, and as any good game, it remains good all time long. Back in 2002 play a little with modding the cars, correcting engine specs to real models, creating "Zapper's Car Pack".
A few days ago, i went here to get some news about the game and any thing around it, specially game mods or editors. I was surprised with the develppment of new editors for it!
Realizing that, I bring back a dream I have when I play this game long time ago, to get one of my favourite cars in the game. So I used Stress and Anim8or to create a 3d model and cockpit to a 88' Toyota Corolla Gti taking Acura NSX as a base.

The result I think is very good, since the 3d rendering is simple as create polys the best results can be archieved relatively easy.
And the final work is here to share with the community.
Feel free to use or edit.

Some previews:

The car files ready to unpack on the game folder are on attach

PS: The  car's speedometer is converted to Km/h