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Guest tracks 2024

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New thread for the guest tracks! (see 2023)

Want to design a competition track? Book your race below.

Tracks for the competition are designed by its participants. If you have an idea for a track and would like to contribute, just choose an available month below!

Note: tracks must be submitted at least one week before the race starts, to leave time to review them for common issues and unwanted cheap powergear lines.

  • ZCT270 (submit by 7 Jan) - @alanrotoi
  • ZCT271 (submit by 4 Feb) - @Overdrijf
  • ZCT272 (submit by 3 Mar) - @Duplode
  • ZCT273 (submit by 31 Mar) - @Daniel3D
  • ZCT274 (submit by 28 Apr) - @Argammon
  • ZCT275 (submit by 26 May) - @Cas
  • ZCT276 (submit by 23 Jun) - @Shoegazing Leo
  • ZCT277 (submit by 21 Jul) - @GTAManRCR
  • ZCT278 (submit by 18 Aug) - @Erik Barros
  • ZCT279 (submit by 15 Sep) - @Frieshansen
  • ZCT280 (submit by 13 Oct) - @Zapper
  • ZCT281 (submit by 10 Nov) - ??


273 please... I feel some inspiration by it .

273 is a sphenic number, a truncated triangular pyramid number and an idoneal number. There are 273 different ternary trees with five nodes.

The zero of the Celsius temperature scale is (to the nearest whole number) 273 kelvins. Thus, absolute zero (0 K) is approximately −273 °C. The freezing temperature of water and the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water are both approximately 0 °C or 273 K.
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Erik Barros

Hello there!! ZCT278 for me, please. Give me a few months to learn how to draw a decent track.


I'll make my move early this time: ZCT272, s'il vous plaît :)



Since last month I hadn't been able to upload a new track in time, I do penance and I'll book a slot only if there will be any available after other pipsqueaks have chosen theirs. ;)


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I was kind of planning to not do a Zakstunts track this year, maybe do some NoRH stuff instead, but I can take up the february 4 one, that's probably a good one to fill sooner rather than later.



I would like ZCT274.

Can't possibly get worse than "the hare and the hedgehog".  8)


It was a very interesting experiment. I'm among the ones that gave it a good vote!
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


I'm gonna take ZCT271 February track
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Hi @GTAManRCR ! @Overdrijf has already picked ZCT271, though the top post hasn't been updated yet. The available slots are ZCT277 (July), ZCT280 (October) and ZCT281 (November).