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Stunts Chat / Re: A new Stunts website
March 25, 2023, 12:26:35 AM
Lovely site! Seeing so many recent developments compiled in this format just feels right somehow  8)

On the Google translator: something that also works, even on Firefox, is pasting the URL into

P.S.: In the tricks section, is the dual-way example ZCT202?  :)
Very interesting experiments, @Argammon !

While of course any number of things could explain replays going out of sync, my first guess would be the FM Towns having different tolerance in terms of how much grip you need to make through a corner. In that case, the replays would play in sync as long as you don't get close to the grip limit (skidding usually indicates that).

One experiment that could provide evidence for that is driving the Indy on a banked oval, so that you can go faster without exhausting the grip budget. If the tolerance is higher in the FM Towns version, for instance, I'd expect it to be possible to keep the replay in sync while driving on the banked oval for as long as you want in 3rd gear, and perhaps even in 4th as long as a clean line without skidding is maintained.
Chat - Misc / Re: Strange songs by me
March 21, 2023, 03:27:35 AM
Entregue Aqui (Seu Lixo EletrĂ´nico) goes hard!  8)
Season's Chat - CCC / Re: CCC002 - Free the Genie
March 21, 2023, 03:24:54 AM
First evening impressions:

  • The Packard is interesting as a powergear car as well. Sometimes it brings to mind one or another traditional PG cars, but it also has a flavour of its own.
  • The Crown Victoria doesn't seem to be fully a PG car: like the Indy, it shoots up to max RPM on a loop in 4th gear, but the speed is not sustained on grass. (Either that, or I'm missing something...)
Chat - Misc / Re: Association game
March 21, 2023, 03:04:14 AM
Live Races / Re: Live Races 2023
March 17, 2023, 04:44:40 PM
These best-lap-in-15-minutes rules are fine as a racing format. They are closer than Le Stunts to the traditional hotseat live racing format (5 attempts per pipsqueak). While I really like the Le Stunts format, it could be good to try out alternatives.

The main issue that should require careful thought, though, is the operational part. I'd say the greatest thing about the Le Stunts format is that all you need to take part is doing a replay and uploading it in time. Requiring videos would make everything more complicated: now one has to make sure DOSBox is correctly set up for recording and that the computer can handle it (as @Daniel3D notes), start the recording, drive, possibly save the replays (for analysis, rerecording and archiving), have a place for uploading (YouTube? Dropbox? Personal site?) and, if a cloud service is used, count on it being helpful (for instance, YouTube can take several minutes to process an upload). All in all, it makes things quite a bit less accessible.

If we're going to explore live racing rules based on single-lap NoRH, I think the way to go is using some kind of controlled environment, as in @HunterBoy344 's Stunts Online project, which automates some of the steps to make it as easy as possible for the pipsqueaks. (Cc'ing @Erik Barros , who has been thinking about similar questions lately.)
Quote from: Cas on March 17, 2023, 04:31:49 AMFor now, I'm trying to calibrate the coordinates. Taking them from the dumped information and just scaling them, I can't find a good scale.

The conversion factor between tiles and carstate coordinates is exactly 65536 (2^16), with no offset. That is what I use in Cartography, and it works perfectly. Any divergence from that probably originates from how track graphics are scaled in the engine -- besides the extra factor of two there seems to be somewhere, one thing I can think of right now is how 3D shapes for track elements are usually a little larger than a tile, which is exactly 1024 x 1024 in Stressed units.
Stunts Chat / Re: Stunts addon for GTA San Andreas
March 17, 2023, 12:51:38 AM
Sensational, great find!  :D  There's a certain affinity between GTA and Stunts in the freedom-to-roam aspect, so it somehow makes sense for something like this to exist. I happen to have San Andreas on Steam, so I'll give it a spin on the weekend. Also, it looks like one of the authors is @kurtis2221 !

Quote from: Cas on March 17, 2023, 12:26:02 AMI wasn't able to download it. Anyway, if this is for GTA San Andreas, I wouldn't be able to run it. Screenshots? :P

Here is an alternative page
, with a working download link and screenshots.
Errata: the file I uploaded in the morning was missing the current DOSReloaded track. A corrected zip is already available from the site.
Quote from: Cas on March 15, 2023, 07:07:41 PMFor R4K particularly, do you find it comfortable to grab the replays for the archive?  Is there anything that would make it easier and less time consuming for the next time?

Thanks for asking  :) The R4K site is fine for that. Making all final replays available for download from the scoreboard pages, and clearly labeling their modalities (RH or NoRH) is pretty helpful already.
I'm happy to announce the Volume IX update of the Competition Archive is now available! Here is a direct link to it. The update includes:

  • CCC: All races so far, starting from the very first test event in May 2022.
  • All tracks, and some replays, from 2022 and early 2023.
  • The 2022 Christmas race.
  • Le Stunts: The six races so far from 2022 and 2023.
  • Race For Kicks: Updated to the current race.
  • UnskilledStunts League: The 2021 edition.
  • ZakStunts: Updated to the current race, and also:
    • Amateur League winning replays, from both 2003 and the present incarnation, starting from ZCT243.
    • Bonzai Joe's winning replay from the ZCT079 (Default) NoRH scoreboard. (If you have any other NoRH scoreboard replays from 2005 or 2006, please let me know!)
    • The final GAR winning replays from the 2021 season.

With these additions, the Archive now includes 967 tracks, 1038 replays, and 33 custom cars.
Quote from: GTAMan18 on March 15, 2023, 09:42:59 AMWARNING!
As of 2023, the game can't be downloaded from the Stunts WIKI. Maybe the game is removed

Do you mean the links from the Download page? They seem to be working normally for me.
Hello and welcome, @earok ! This is a very interesting project. In particular, it can be very useful for the mods planned by Striker :)

Quote from: Daniel3D on March 13, 2023, 11:26:21 AMWhat I don't see clearly is what you do with the res file.
The res file contains information that is used in the dashboard and the performance values.
 If you use a dashboard of another car you need a matching res file.. (same number of gears, same type of speedometer.)

earok's progam also converts the CAR*.RES files to the Amiga format. That being so, this can be dealt with by adjusting the speedometer coordinates and other such things to match the new dashboard, as it used to be done in the days before Stressed, in the DOS file, and then running the converter. (Just remember to keep the spacing between the positions of the gear knob the same, as that actually affects car behaviour by changing the time it takes to shift gears.)
@Overdrijf If it's still not loading the updated tables, try Ctrl + Shift + R to bypass the cache. (I wonder if I should adjust anything on the site with respect to that.)

@Daniel3D I'm now wondering what a chess problem leaderboard could be like... seems to have such a thing, but I have no idea what the success percentage is meant to be. (To my eyes, timed competitive problem solving doesn't look like it would be an enjoyable pastime, but I'm not actually a chess player, so who knows.)