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Football Fanats 2006 - The year of World Cup

Started by CTG, December 21, 2005, 10:43:47 PM

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Stop talking about Hungarian football, and talk a few about good football teams. :p


We are talking about Hungarian football because we are the top posters of this topic. And we don't care about PSG or Lyon. :P


Quote from: CTG on July 28, 2006, 11:05:30 AM
Btw Usrin, make a prediction for the following champonship with rankings and for the top3 of NB II groups.

1. MTK
2. Debrecen
3. ?jpest
4. Feh?rv?r
5. Sopron
6. Di?sgy?r
7. Gy?r
8. ZTE
9. Kispest
10. Tatab?nya
11. Kaposv?r
12. P?cs
13. Paks
14. Vasas
15. REAC
16. V?c

NB II East: 1. Ferencv?ros, 2. Szolnok, 3. Ny?regyh?za
NB II West: 1. Halad?s, 2. P?pa, 3. Integr?l-DAC
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Quote from: CTG on July 28, 2006, 01:58:33 PM
We are talking about Hungarian football because we are the top posters of this topic. And we don't care about PSG or Lyon. :P
I don't care about PSG too. ;D I didn't like Lyon a lot but year after year they proved me wrong. This team has a soul now, it's not just an addition of mercenaries like Real Madrid. Lyon was like that too at its beginning, when Aulas and co. came and decided to build a top team with lots of money, but now this team has changed and they have a soul. I like teams with a soul, like Arsenal, like Marseille, like FC Barcelona. I don't like Real Madrid or Chelsea.

I'm just surprised that there's no recent posts about problems in Italy and players transfers from the 4 teams that will go into 2nd division. Anyway, Feh?rv?r will be Hungarian champion for forthcoming season, because there's an "Akoss" in their ranks : Koller ?kos. :D

al il professore

infos about hungarian football are VERY interesting for punters... while we know that they will ALWAYS lose the away match in european leagues :), we have also some infos about local derbys... sometimes you can win a lot on those! OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SPREAD YOUR LEGS DEBRECEN, maybe LILLE, the most weak french team we got is coming for you :)
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Debrecen will fall before that against Rabotnicki.


Quote from: CTG on August 01, 2006, 11:17:41 AM
Debrecen will fall before that against Rabotnicki.

Rabotnicki - Debrecen 4-1 (overall 5-2)

Shame on all the hungarian "professional" teams.


Damn, Gy?ri ETO lost the best player. Tam?s Priskin goes to Premier League...


Quote from: CTG on August 03, 2006, 09:18:29 AM
Damn, Gy?ri ETO lost the best player. Tam?s Priskin goes to Premier League...

Watford will pay 1.5 million EUR to ETO. Sounds like a great buisness.

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Second division of the Hungarian Football Championship started!

Results of Kazincbarcika (8th last season) so far, against Baktal?r?nth?za (9th last season) and J?szap?ti (bronze medal last season):

Kazincbarcika - Baktal?r?nth?za 1-1
J?szap?ti - Kazincbarcika 0-2

1. Ny?regyh?zi Tirp?k Spartacus SE 6 pts (7-1)
2. Ferencv?ros 6 pts (6-2)
3. Vecs?s 4 pts (3-0)
4. KAZINCBARCIKA 4 pts (3-1)
5. Tuzs?r 4 pts (4-3)
6. B?cs 4 pts (3-2)
7. Mak? 4 pts (2-1)
8. Szolnok 3 pts (3-5)
9. Orosh?za 3 pts (3-6)
10. Baktal?r?nth?za 2 pts (2-2)
11. Budafok 1 pt (1-2)
12. Karcag 1 pt (1-3)
13. J?szber?ny 1 pt (0-3)
14. Kecskem?t 0 pt (2-4)
15. B?k?scsaba 0 pt (1-3)
16. J?szap?ti 0 pt (0-3)
Chürműű! :-)

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Quote from: Nemzeti Sport OnlineDe n?zz?k a dolgok pozit?v oldal?t: hihetetlen?l sz?nvonalas magyar bajnoks?g v?r r?nk az id?n, hisz m?r egyetlen csapatunkt?l sem vesz el energi?t a nemzetk?zi kupaszerepl?s.

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Let's see the positive part of these things: we will have an incredible good hungarian championship this year because none of our teams will lose energy in the international cups.

Ironic sentence from the biggest hungarian sports newspaper after Feh?rv?r's lost match against Grasshoppers (1-1 at home, 0-2 in Switzerland). Feh?rv?r was the only Hungarian team surviving the first round, but the second was too hard for them.


Hungary - Norway 1-4 (0-3)

Big slap in the first round: three norwegian goals were just ridiculous (our goalkeeper's and backwards' mistakes...). says: let's choose another sport (water polo) or another team (Italy). They are totally right.

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

In the Hungarian Cup; 2nd round:

Vol?n-S?ny? SC - Kazincbarcikai SC 0-3
Chürműű! :-)

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Congratulations to Kazincbarcika - in the cup you were be better than Szolnok, because T?r?kszentmikl?s-Szolnok 2-2 means a great SUCK for us. (T?r?kszentmikl?s plays 3 divisions lower than Szolnok, therefore they qualified for the next round with this draw.) Btw, Kazincbarcika reached the same result (2-2) against Szolnok, which means their power is equal to a team in the 2nd division of JNK-Szolnok county.
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B?csa FC - Felp?c SE 3-2 (Ooops we did it again... :D)


K?ny SE - B?csa FC 1-3
B?csa FC - Gy?rszemere KSK 3-2
T?t SE - B?csa FC 0-6

B?csa is leading the championship after 4 matches: 4 victories, 15-5 goals.

Cs?fordj?nosfa also made a great start:

Sopron Boys SE - Cs?fordj?nosfa KSE 0-1
Cs?fordj?nosfa KSE - Pusztacsal?d FC 7-1
Nagyl?zs SK - Cs?forj?nosfa KSE 2-3