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Football Fanats 2006 - The year of World Cup

Started by CTG, December 21, 2005, 10:43:47 PM

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Barcik?ra szopni j?r a Ferencv?ros! Or not. ;D

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Quote from: zaqrack on November 03, 2006, 10:00:40 AM
Quote from: Akoss Poo on November 02, 2006, 09:08:18 PM
Kazincbarcikai SC - Ferencv?rosi TC

Means a full football "arena" at Kazincbarcika, doesn't it? :)

Of course! :) That would mean 5-6 thousand ppl in Pete Andr?s "Stadium". :)
Chürműű! :-)

1854.55 km



Kazincbarcika - Ferencv?ros 2-2 (0-2)



Quote from: CTG
Oh LOL! #2
Rennes - Lyon 1-0
Yes, a surprise. Tiago, Carew, Malouda not playing, Juninho having a red card, and a fantastic match from the goalkeeper of Rennes during the 2nd half made this good result for Rennes.
This is the way it goes with Rennes : either they are really good (like yesterday or in February 2006 when the defeated Lyon 4-1), either they are just crap.
Problem with Lyon is that everybody is over-motivated when they play against them because they are easily leading the French championship, like Marseille did 15 years ago. So every match is difficult for Lyon as their opponents are always playing their "match of the year".
But I don't fear for Lyon, they will not be beaten again soon.
I'm feeling more sad about the new stupid defeat of Auxerre... >:(


I hope Lyon will win Champions League this time. They are really strong (and not that over-advertised star crap as Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United or Barcelona).


Hungary - Canada 1-0

Poor victory with some new young players.


The legend left us, the story ended. This morning Ferenc Pusk?s, the best hungarian football player ever, died after a long suffer. I won't list his titles - everybody knows that he's on the same page with Pel?, Maradona, Beckenbauer and Platini. Rest in peace!


My respects for Pusk?s, a real talent who contribute a lot to the sport.
n?o me sinto inspirado para escrever nada de impacto, para que todos digam: "Puxa! Que demais!  :)


I just had the info too that Puskas died.
A few statistics (I know CTG loves stats) of this real leader of the Hungarian dream team :
- 83 goals in 84 matchs with Hungary team,
- 511 goals in 533 matchs in championships (Hungary and Spain),
- 41 goals in 36 matchs in european Cup (with Real Madrid).
Nice stats. Rest in peace.


Yes, real good stats!!! Puskas was a Matador!

Henry is about to beat Platini?s total goals with french team but his stats sucks compared to Platini?s
n?o me sinto inspirado para escrever nada de impacto, para que todos digam: "Puxa! Que demais!  :)


Some more data:

5 times Hungarian champion
4 times top goalscorer of the Hungarian championship
6 times Spanish champion
2 times Copa del Rey winner
5 times top goalscorer of Spanish championship
3 times European Champions Cup winner (former Champions League)
2 times top goalscorer of European Champions Cup (scored 4 goals in the final against Eintracht Frankfurt)
Olympic champion (1952)
World Cup silver medalist (1954)
84 matches with Hungary, 4 matches with Spain

As a trainer:

3 times Greek champion with Panathinikos
European Champios Cup finalist with Panathinikos (1971)
Australian champion and cup winner


?L??L??L??L???????, FASZSZOP? ?JPEST!!! ;D

?jpest FC - Di?sgy?ri VTK 0-3 (0-2)
Colour of living being is determined by the gene.


Quote from: Usrin on December 04, 2006, 09:45:46 PM
?L??L??L??L???????, FASZSZOP? ?JPEST!!! ;D

?jpest FC - Di?sgy?ri VTK 0-3 (0-2)

;D We should drink for this.


Congratulations to CTG, winner of the tipping competition for NB I 2006/2007! :)
(Look back in the topic for the predictions...)

I've counted the difference between the predicted and real position of each team, and added up these "error points". The results are the following:

1. CTG, 44 pts
2-3. Akoss Poo and Usrin, 46-46 pts.

Btw, Akoss Poo deserves the silver medal better, because I didn't manage to predict the champion: I put MTK to the first place instead of Debrecen.

Colour of living being is determined by the gene.