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Legendary races

Started by CTG, April 14, 2006, 11:25:26 AM

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Quote from: Daniel3D on November 04, 2022, 04:16:58 PMWhen I came back in 2008/2009 (almost) ready to join I was confronted with beyond human driving styles and.. That was it.

Your comeback couldn't be in a "worse" time. The "Ayrton Era" is something else in the community history... and followed by Gutix and Renato Biker... that's the time of the Gods on Earth. We crashed against a wall... Duplode, Akoss Poo, Bonzai Joe, CTG, Chulk , Mark L. Rivers, me... just fought for the 2nd place the whole 2008 season!

It would be cool to frame the history in stages like this or Roy's Era  or Bonzai Joe vs Alan Rotoi era... if you read the messages from those times in the forum you can get an idea about what was going on in every part ;)


Quote from: Daniel3D on November 04, 2022, 04:16:58 PMI found JTK site and competition in 2003


When I came back in 2008/2009

Wait, you've been (sort of) around here for that long? Nice.

Crap, now I'm trapped into replying to a thread from 2006 about ZCT16. Quick, change the topic...

As far as legendary tracks and races from my own time here go, I think back fondly of Cas' ZCT214. I had a little side fun that month arguing about game versions and shortcut rules in the chat, which can really help liven up the race as long as everyone is cool about it. But the real meat of the race was that I worked hard to do well on that track, racing throughout the month, packing advice to newbies in more cryptic wording so they wouldn't quite overtake me. I even think I hid my final replay from Duplode, no I think I thought about it, then shared anyway but still kind of stating that I would really like to win this one, only to be outdone by Finrok's even better powergear line. I won my first Zakstunts race the month after that of all races because I wasn't as interested in a full ice track, I only wanted to nail the outside loopcut into invisibridge I had spotted, and it turned out that was enough for the victory, which it wouldn't have been had I shared it earlier.

Another one I remember fondly is my 2018 comeback track, Cas' (huh, I may have a favorite track designer*) ZCT 206. In don't remember the racing itself as vividly, but the track design is super cool, a rollercoaster track with the central crossing requiring speeeeeeeeed. So yeah, maybe it did turn out to be a powergear track, like many a fast track does, but that track may actually have been an instrumental part of making my 2018 comeback stick (so far), where my 2012 dip back into stunts had lasted only three races.

So yeah, those would be some of my picks for legendary Zakstunts races.

*=Actually, this years' Cas contribution was also pretty amazing...


Quote from: Overdrijf on November 06, 2022, 01:36:25 PM
Quote from: Daniel3D on November 04, 2022, 04:16:58 PMI found JTK site and competition in 2003


When I came back in 2008/2009

Wait, you've been (sort of) around here for that long? Nice.
Actually, i knew JTK's site longer but didn't have regular internet access. But when I started to live on my own in 2002 I downloaded stunts again from i had that remembered as failsafe should i loose my stunts copy.

I later found the competition, at least i remember nothing before the 2003 opening track that is still a favorite.
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I love to read these personal experiences! We should share more.

Speaking about time epocs, what happened in the community and in ZakStunts in particular between 2017 and 2020. Is that a different period? How would you define it?


My impression about Stunts Eras between ~1999 and ~2010.