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Quote from: Spoonboy on Yesterday at 11:17:39 AMSeeing this thread appear reminded me of an issue I saw. @Ryoma, would it be possible to change the needle colour in the Koenig Testarossa??
I'd love to test this car more, but the white needles on white dials make this difficult. Don't want to give you another job, but just thought I'd ask ;)
Its an easy fix, doesn't change the car. So I'm sure it can be done quickly.
But Ryoma often updates his cars, so maybe it's already done. Check out his mega for the latest updates.
Quote from: Duplode on Yesterday at 12:45:45 PMIt would be higher than that for 6g -- 89.8 mph -- because centripetal acceleration grows with the square of the speed.
That could be an Ultimate Gentlemen Agreement Rule. UGAR.
The looping may not be taken with a speed exceeding 100 mph.
So, to get around the more comfortable 6g you would only need ~32 mph to go around the loop i guess.
Quote from: mrdries on April 13, 2024, 10:22:22 AMWish you the best. Hope your community will open up even more.
Well, I hope you're not leaving because you didn't feel welcomed.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and wonderful collection of track building ideas.

As Douglas Adams would say..
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Stunts Chat / Re: Latest news and last message
April 08, 2024, 11:28:30 AM
On the bright side. With such a thick skull, you don't need a helmet. But I sincerely hope you have a healthier attitude in traffic, though. You are the most disrespectful and toxic person I have met on a peaceful forum like this. The problems you encounter are fully self-imposed, and if you have an issue with that, then you should start with yourself instead of insulting everyone.

As for your screenshots. Very nice. Looks good. But does the driving feel like stunts? Yes, it's pseudo physics, but that's what we like about it.

Despite all the negativity you have spread around our forum, I still wish you good fortune and happiness,

Take care.
Competition 2024 / Re: ZCT272 - Spiral Architect
March 22, 2024, 03:16:32 PM
Quote from: Chulk on March 21, 2024, 01:02:22 PMI don't mind having to slow down but what I always found annoying about Corks u/d is the way the car "suspension" behaves. It feels like it's climbing a stair more than a flat surface
In the Netherlands we refer to this as Belgium road. It's similar to the feeling we get when we cross the border..

QuoteA lot of rural roads in Belgium are made out of concrete slabs, almost like you would see in the Philippines or Thailand.

NOTE: The Netherlands almost never uses concrete slabs for roads.
And there is an wildcard option to extend it.
Because 2*2 and 1*2 pieces can be cut off, if the base tile is intact.
 Check illusion tracks

With your finding and also the illusion tracks i sometimes don't see the intended paths. Your explanatory example was very helpful in showing the principle. But is it possible to add a "ghost path" to the image to aid visualisation?
Wow, that's quite a catalogue.
Competition 2024 / Re: ZCT272 - Spiral Architect
March 21, 2024, 09:38:26 AM
Quote from: Duplode on March 20, 2024, 10:58:28 PMData maxima venia 🤭, I find it a perfectly fine element! Besides, it's the only way we get an usable 360° turn. (I guess calling it a "corner" might be a bit of a stretch  :) )
If I find a way to alter or create an collision model for a new track element. The up down corkscrew is the first one I'll ditch to make room.
The only thing cool about it is that they managed to make a very complex road element in a very limited amount of code. 
A program technical marvel, gameplay wise not so much..
Competition 2024 / Re: ZCT272 - Spiral Architect
March 20, 2024, 11:39:43 AM
The element would have made more sense is a 90 or 180 turn. Not a 360..
Now its very slow, and only only usable as obstakel.
I know that engine sound in stunts is generated from the same "engine sound base" unlike the other DSI game with the same system (nascar?)..
But in that time not all car's had different sounds based on RPM of the engine, but sound based on speed (I think).
Those were for all cars the same.
In stunts there is a big difference between the sound of the LM and the Indy for example.
A sad day in STUNTS History.. :'(
Quote from: Cas on March 17, 2024, 03:24:07 PMI've been reading it. Yes, it does have the option to save and to print. I found it curious that it mentions that each car has its own sounds
It has, because engine sound is generated based on the car specs. Not pre-made samples.
In my original post is the html version of the review
See here
Quote from: Duplode on March 16, 2024, 03:58:01 PMIt looks like early competition manager David Leadbetter mentioned above was also the author of the well-known (it's a reference in the Wikipedia Stunts article) Game Bytes review of Stunts (Daniel posted about it some time ago).

Game Bytes, by the way, was a fascinating publication: an indie digital magazine, packaged as a DOS program and distributed through public FTP. The issues can be found and ran interactively, via DOSBox on the browser, at the archive. You can find David's Stunts review in Issue #20 (August 29, 1994) >> Miscellaneous >> Golden Oldies: Stunts!

I read the review again. And I still think it's one of the best, honest and most true reviews ever written.
It deserves a more prominent place in our community. Maybe a Review page on the portal? Where we collect some of these marvels.?
Review Collection??