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Live Races / The Purple Sunset Enduro (2022-04-02)
March 07, 2022, 07:18:24 AM
The Purple Sunset Enduro is named in honour of the last live race winner, Duplode.  The race is scheduled for Saturday the 2nd of April 2022 at 12:00 UTC.  Below are the corresponding times for those who participated in the last live race:

  • Saturday 09:00 Buenos Aires
  • Saturday 09:00 São Paulo
  • Saturday 14:00 Amsterdam
  • Saturday 14:00 Budapest
  • Saturday 14:00 Rome
  • Saturday 22:00 Brisbane
The car and track will be revealed closer to the race day.  If you would like to participate, please confirm your attendance in this topic.  If you would like to participate but are unavailable at the scheduled time, please let me know so I can try to organise an alternate time.
Custom Cars with Stressed / Chevrolet Corvette CERV III
October 01, 2021, 02:28:22 AM
For decades, the only way you could drive this amazing prototype vehicle was to fire up Test Drive III: The Passion.  But let's face it, while the open world in that game was impressive for its time, the driving experience left a lot to be desired.  However, that all changes with the release of the Chevrolet Corvette CERV III for Stunts!

It was no easy feat to bring this car into the Stunts world.  While basic specifications were readily available, things like gear ratios and road test information were impossible to find.  Therefore, I tried to create a believable driving experience while remaining faithful to the specifications that were available.

Even though I was the leader of this project, it was a combined effort from the following people:

Cas: Extracting the original assets from Test Drive III: The Passion
KyLiE: Dashboard Graphics and Performance Data
Zapper: 3D Modelling


  • 8 Available Colours
  • Low, Medium and High Detail Models
  • Optimised CGA and EGA Dashboard Palettes
I hope you enjoy this car and I look forward to seeing it on the tarmac for many races in the future, the first of which is being held at Race For Kicks.  Now...

Fasten your Seatbelt!
General Chat - R4K / Website
June 25, 2021, 01:42:18 PM
Race For Kicks will be offline from 26/6/2021 for server maintenance.  We will be back online before the next race starts on 1/7/2021. :)
Can anyone explain how the alternative CGA and EGA palettes in the dashboard files work?  I'm referring to the !cg0 and !eg0 resources in the STDA*.PVS and STDB*.PVS files.  The Stunts Wiki briefly mentions them, however it doesn't provide any detailed information.

I'm currently working on a custom car and while hardly anyone will be using these graphic modes these days, I would still like to configure them correctly.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! :)